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Forklift Batteries


Back From the Dead

Batteries are often the source of great frustration. While Electric Forklifts are quiet and clean, their batteries can make them a great inconvenience. Replacing a battery can cost thousands of dollars, setting you and your business back. Battery rejuvenation can significantly extend the life of a battery at a fraction of the cost.

Your Forklift, Rejuvenated

Our expert repair Technicians use specialised equipment to inspect your battery and assess the feasibility of rejuvenation. After we’ve assessed the Battery, we rejuvenate your Battery through the removal of harmful contaminants and dirty fluid. After the process is complete, your Battery should be able to operate at levels nearly equal to that of a new Battery.
At a fraction of the cost of a replacement Battery

Forklift batteries are very similar to the lead-acid battery of a car. As such their role in the operation of a forklift cannot be understated. If you need high-quality forklift batteries for sale, then Heavy Lift Forklifts has all you need and more. Your search for reputable and reliable forklift battery suppliers will come to an end once you see our extensive inventory. We have a large number of batteries from multiple suppliers for electric forklifts, to ensure that your forklifts are equipped with high-quality batteries that have the least possibility of having any kind of leakage issues. You can be assured that when you get your electric forklift batteries for sale from us, you will get deep cycle batteries that will last you forever and will take very little time to charge.

We understand the importance of having a forklift that is always operational and we understand the many issues that can come from it not occurring. This is because the expected downtime for business is bad enough but even worse, a faulty battery that hasn’t been thoroughly checked can often cause catastrophic failures in your forklift, which can have significant risks for your operators and the workers in the vicinity. Faulty forklift batteries are extremely dangerous, which is why at Heavy Lift Forklifts, we have ensured that we only stock forklift batteries from the best suppliers. As such, you can be assured that our forklift battery suppliers are some of the most reliable in the market to ensure that you never have to suffer the downside of a damaged forklift battery.

forklift battery repair
forklift battery repair

Forklift Battery Service

If your existing electric forklift is having battery issues, then we also provide battery rejuvenation services. Forklift batteries are extremely complex equipment that requires a certain degree of expertise to give the forklift, the performance it needs. Many times, the damage to your battery is not extremely severe. As such, it makes little sense to buy brand new batteries for your forklift when all the batteries require is a little bit of repair and at Heavy Lift Forklifts, we conduct battery rejuvenations, so there’s no need to replace it.

We can ensure that your battery is repaired in such a way that every component and element functions perfectly. There is no guesswork involved when it comes to battery rejuvenation. Rather, it is an operation that requires a high level of precision at the hands of qualified and experienced battery specialists.

As such, Heavy Lift Forklifts takes its forklift battery service very seriously. You can be assured that your forklift batteries will be inspected thoroughly by our experts and will be rejuvenated in such a way that the problem which caused the damage in the first place will not have a very large margin for reoccurrence. This is why we are one of the primary forklift battery suppliers in Victoria.

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    Forklift Battery Service

    Enormous Savings

    New forklift batteries can cost up to $7,000. This is a major expense that can be avoided with battery rejuvenation. Our experts have years of experience with battery rejuvenation and we are confident in our ability to restore the functionality of your forklift. Don’t operate at anything less than full capacity. To find out just how we can assist you, give us a call for a free, friendly quote.

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