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Forklift Hydraulic Service & Repairs


Experienced Technicians

Our repair Technicians have the knowledge and experience to repair any mechanical failure in forklift hydraulic systems. We pride ourselves on our craft and work to ensure that you get the best service possible. We understand the time-sensitive nature of repair and how important having fully operational machinery is to your business.

At Heavy Lift Forklifts, we provide comprehensive hydraulic repairs in Melbourne. If you have any issues with your hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic pump, we have the repair services necessary to get your forklift back in proper working order. Our hydraulic cylinder repairs in Melbourne, are known for their quick response time and you can be assured that when you book a forklift hydraulic pump repair with us, there will be the lowest downtime for your business possible.

We understand that while the primary function of a forklift is to lift transport and deposit a load safely, it is the hydraulic system that primarily generates the required force to maintain a forklift attachment. The several components that operate in a forklift are all based on the hydraulic system and we have a significant understanding of not only how to fix such a system, but also how to repair it.

forklift hydraulic repair
forklift hydraulic service

There are multiple elements of forklift hydraulic systems that include:

  • The tank that holds the hydraulic fluid.
  • The hydraulic pump that pushes fluid to maintain a steady flow.
  • The control valve that regulates flow direction.
  • The relief valve that ensures safety in forklift hydraulics while preventing ruptures or leakage.
  • The cylinder which translates the flow of the hydraulic fluid.
  • The return line that reroutes the fluid to the tank enabling the forklift forks to move down.

Depending on the kind of forklift you’ve purchased, you will either require oil-based synthetic or water-based fluids, each having its benefits and drawbacks.

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    Versatile Hydraulic Repair

    Forklifts employ a variety of hydraulic systems. The good news is, we can repair them all. Any make, any model, any hydraulic malfunction — we’ve got you covered. This includes electric forklifts, diesel forklifts, high access scissor lifts and more.

    Back in the Black

    Your business relies on being fully operational. Equipment that is out of commission is a major drain on your resources. Our premier repair services allow you to restore full functionality to your forklifts quickly and efficiently, allowing you to fully utilise your assets.

    Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Melbourne

    To understand these components, you will need to have your forklift looked over by an expert in hydraulic repairs in Melbourne. Luckily for you, at Heavy Lift Forklifts, we have skilled technicians who have had a significant amount of experience with forklift hydraulic pump repair.

    If you need a comprehensive forklift hydraulic service, then we can be there in an instant to look at your machine and see what specific repairs it needs. Forklift hydraulic repair is not a simple process and requires a significant amount of expertise in dealing with these issues. Many services for hydraulic cylinder repair in Melbourne are not equipped to handle different types of forklifts that have different hydraulic requirements. As such, you need to leave your service for hydraulic repairs in Melbourne to someone reputed and reliable while also having a significant amount of experience in the business.

    That is where Heavy Lift Forklifts comes in.

    We have spent a significant number of years working with different types of forklifts and we are adept at dealing with common forklift hydraulic repair issues like leaking hoses, suction filter clogs, and labouring mass drifts. You can be assured that our technicians will be easily able to diagnose your forklift and provide you with comprehensive forklift hydraulic repairs that will take care of any of your problems.

    Need a Repair?

    If you’re in need of hydraulic repairs for a forklift, look no further than Heavy Lift Forklifts. We service a wide area, from Melbourne to the surrounding suburbs. We’re confident and sure of our ability to repair your equipment in a timely manner. For a free, friendly quote, give us a call today.

    Our Repair Technicians Have Over 10 Years of Experience