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Forklift Service & Maintenance Melbourne

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Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance on forklifts should be performed every 150-200 hours of operation time, or approximately once every three months. This allows the internal combustion unit to be checked, for the oil filter to be changed and for maintenance checks to be completed. Preventative Maintenance includes visual and safety inspections of the unit. Regular inspection keeps your forklift running smoothly and on schedule by detecting small issues before they become large problems.

Full Service

Our full-Service plan is our most comprehensive Service program. It ensures the most uptime possible for any and all of your equipment. This plan includes travel costs, parts, labour, scheduled Preventative maintenance visits, emergency repair and replacement forklifts offered at a reduced rental cost if your forklift requires repair in a shop.
We specialise in servicing all forklift makes and models.

If you have a forklift or a forklift for hire, then at some point in time you must have found yourself in dire need of forklift maintenance service. Lucky for you, at Heavy Lift Forklifts, we provide comprehensive forklift service in Melbourne. If you need thorough forklift repairs in Melbourne then we can surely help you out. Our mobile forklift repair services are widely known for their promptness and high level of professionalism.

We have assembled a team of technicians who are experts in their respective fields and come with a vast amount of experience. They are well trained in dealing with a variety of different types of forklift services in Melbourne. You can be assured that when you approach us for your forklift repairs in Melbourne, you are getting a service that is backed by a significant amount of skill and experience. We service and repair all types of forklifts to ensure that you don’t have any issues with finding different providers.

We understand that a broken-down forklift can cause a significant amount of downtime for any business which is why we prioritise speedy repairs to ensure that your business can get back on track as fast as possible. If your forklift has broken down, then don’t hesitate and simply reach out to Heavy Lift Forklifts. Our forklift maintenance service is second to none and we are focused on providing a high level of mobile forklift repairs to such an extent that you will never need to find another repair service ever again.

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    Electric Forklift Repairs

    We also provide forklift repairs for electric forklifts. Though they are much less susceptible to any kinds of issues thanks to a large number of components that don’t require repairs, it would be unwise to consider that you will never need a comprehensive service for electric forklift repairs. This is where Heavy Lift Forklifts comes in.

    We are focused on not just repairing your forklift, but also providing you with a schedule for preventive maintenance that is conducted by our qualified team of experts. We can help you understand how to maintain your forklift in such a way that it will not need multiple repairs down the line. We also provide scheduled maintenance for any electric forklifts in Melbourne so you can be assured that when you book a forklift maintenance service with us, you are getting a full-fledged service that is taking into account any future potential issues that you could have with your forklift.

    Our emergency repair services are widely touted for their promptness and swift response. We are focused on speedily providing repairs so that your business suffers the least amount of downtime from a broken-down forklift. If you reach out to us for forklift repairs in Melbourne, then you can bet that we will be right there to ensure that we get a significant component of your fleet,back up and running. Our fully stocked mobile workshops are simply a phone call away and our high-quality repairs will leave you impressed with the level of service provided. If you need comprehensive forklift service in Melbourne, then reach out to Heavy Lift Forklifts today. We promise you that our forklift repairs in Melbourne are second to none and when you contact us, you will get the best mobile forklift repair that money can buy.

    You'll See the Benefits

    Maintenance can seem like a hassle, but it is most certainly worth it. Without regular servicing and maintenance, forklifts are prone to mechanical and electrical failure. Don’t risk the smooth operation of your business by neglecting to care for your equipment. Let our seasoned forklift repair technicians see to your equipment so they continue functioning at full capacity. Call us today for a free quote.

    We Offer on-site Inspections for All of Our Repairs