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Forklift Tyres For Sale in Melbourne

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Re-grooving and Replacement

There are a couple different methods for dealing with problematic tyres. The obvious option is to replace old tyres with new, durable ones. The other option is to re-groove existing tyres. Re-grooving tyres is a cost-effective method for tyres that still have plenty of wear, but slip in normal use. We’ll put a new tread in the tyre at a fraction of the cost of complete replacement.

Tyre Replacement

Not all tyres can simply be re-grooved. Some don’t have enough wear and require full replacement. Luckily, we offer an affordable replacement service for a variety of tyres.

At Heavy Lift Forklifts, we stock a large number of different forklift tyres for sale. If you need forklift tyres that are flawless in their operation, then Heavy Lift Forklifts is your best option. We are among the primary proprietors for forklift tyres in Melbourne and we ensure that when you get your forklift tyres from us, you will never need to find another supplier ever again. Forklift tyres play an extremely important role in the operation of a forklift, which is why we only supply forklift tyres that have a high amount of durability and are sourced from reputable and reliable professionals. If you need pneumatic forklift tyres, then we have a fantastic stock of new range forklift tyres that have a significant amount of high pressure. The deep treads in our forklift tyres, improve stability in the forklift itself and ensure that the tyre has a significantly longer life. This is important because the tyres are the components of the forklift that usually carry most of the weight, especially if your forklift is being used in rough terrain or outdoor applications.

Regardless of the tyre size your forklift requires, we have the right fit for the job. If you feel your forklift tyres are showing any kind of damage then our experts can be there instantly to provide you with forklift replacement or regrooving for your tyres. This is crucial because if the grooves of your forklift tyres are worn down, then there will be multiple handling and stability problems. So, if you feel that your forklift tyres have aged out and require either a replacement or repair, then simply reach out to Heavy Lift Forklifts and we’ll take care of all your problems.

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forklift tyres in melbourne

Solid Forklift Tyres in Melbourne

We also supply high-quality solid forklift tyres in Melbourne. Solid forklift tyres are widely preferred by a large number of operators, for the simple reason that the forklift has significantly increased stability, as compared to pneumatic tyres. When it comes to indoor warehouses, you cannot go wrong with solid forklift tyres. The best feature of solid forklift tyres is that they are completely immune to any kind of punctures. This is in stark contrast to pneumatic tyres that require polyurethane foam filling to replace the air.

However, solid forklift tyres work completely fine in flat terrain, making them a perfect addition to any forklift that operates indoors or on a proper asphalt surface. The best part about solid forklift tyres in Melbourne is that they can easily be fitted and refitted as per requirements. You don’t even need a technician to replace solid forklift tyres. That being said, if your solid forklift tyres in Melbourne require any kind of repairs like regrooving, then Heavy Lift Forklifts can immediately send a technician to take care of the problem. At Heavy Lift Forklifts, we take tyre replacement and repairs very seriously which is why we provide some of the best forklift tyres for sale in Melbourne and conduct comprehensive repairs for forklift tyres of any nature.

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    Solid Tyres

    Solid tyres are the most widely used forklift tyre. They’re made from solid rubber and are extremely durable.

    Pneumatic Tyres

    These tyres are similar to the tyres on vehicles. They have an inflating valve and an inner tube, making them ideal for rough surfaces. Unfortunately, this also gives them the shortest life span.

    Cushion Tyres

    These tyres are for indoor use only. They’re composed of extremely hard rubber, which gives them a great life span but prevents them from being re-grooved.

    Urethane Tyres

    Urethane tyres are designed for indoor use and are very durable, though they offer very little shock absorption.

    Get Your Equipment Back in Service

    If your forklift is inoperable due to worn tyres, call the experts at Heavy Lift Forklifts to get your equipment functioning again.

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