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If you require an electric forklift for sale, then Heavy Lift Forklifts can help you out with making the right purchase. Our large inventory of electric forklifts in Melbourne can enable you to have a high-quality electric forklift in a very short amount of time. You can be assured that when you buy an electric forklift from us, you will get a machine that will work flawlessly and will last you an extremely long time.

Read MoreDiesel LPG forklifts have been extremely popular due to their ability to carry a significantly heavier load for a significantly longer amount of time. In the past, electric forklifts were considered as a poor choice for the simple reason that they had batteries that required constant recharging, which used to take a long amount of time as compared to refuelling a diesel forklift. But with advancements in technology, there has been a noticeable shift towards the increased usage of electric forklifts and the reasons are very clear.

Here are a few benefits of using electric forklifts:

Performance An electric forklift runs on highly advanced technology which enables it to outperform its LPG counterparts without any issue. Whether it comes to handling or control, or even braking technology, electric forklifts outclass regular fuel-powered forklifts. This makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and makes them a lot more manoeuvrable and easier to manage Operating Costs With increasing gas prices, it has never been a better time to purchase an electric forklift. This is for the simple reason that a forklift will not have issues like poor engine oil or coolant requirements. These fewer moving parts make maintenance and repairs of an electric forklift a much simpler endeavour. Furthermore, your primary power source is far cheaper than LPG or diesel. Smaller Carbon Footprint The highest touted advantage of electrical forklifts is the fact that they produce zero emissions. When it comes to indoor usage, this is a boon for your operators and any workers nearby. This also means that as a business owner, you do not need to spend massive amounts of capital on warehouse ventilation. Electric forklifts are immune to heating up and are extremely energy efficient. Operational Benefits As mentioned previously, a common gripe with electric forklifts was the increased downtime from having to recharge their batteries. However today any batteries of a forklift can run for an exceedingly long period and require even less time to charge up. The best part about electric forklifts is that the lack of servicing or maintenance makes them extremely productive and ensures that in the long run, your business suffers very little downtime. Furthermore, there is no requirement for an additional fuel storage space as all you need is an AC battery charging point. If you need a reliable electric forklift in Melbourne, then Heavy Lift Forklifts can easily help you out. You can be assured that when you look over our inventory you will easily be able to find an ideal electric forklift for sale.