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If you're searching for a brand-new forklift for your business, then Heavy Lift Forklifts has all you need and more. We can provide you with a new forklift that will work flawlessly with after purchase maintenance to help you with any potential issues that may arise. You can be assured that when you buy a new forklift from us, you will get a machine that is ideal for your business. If you have been searching for a new forklift for sale, then it's likely that the new forklift prices have probably made you reconsider your decision. This is common because a forklift is a massive investment for any business and as a business owner, the first thing that you are looking out for is a way to get the best ROI on your investment.
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Read MoreAt Heavy Lift Forklifts, we are not simply committed to making a sale, rather we are committed to establishing a long-lasting relationship with anyone who wants to buy a brand-new forklift from us. This is why our customer care experts are trained in understanding different forklifts and their multiple and varied business applications. We understand that buying the wrong forklift can be costly for your business. However, when you buy the right forklift for your operations then you have a machine that not only helps you save money but also significantly increases your productivity and reduces your overall downtime. At Heavy Lift Forklifts, our experts will get down to basics to thoroughly understand your requirements. They will help you navigate our wide range of products based on the kind of business you have to understand which machine would be the best to help you accomplish your objectives. They can help audit your operations and even provide site surveys to help you make an informed decision on your purchase.

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Multiple considerations come with purchasing a brand-new forklift. These include:
  • The weight you need lifted
  • The height at which it needs to be lifted
  • The area where the forklift will be used
  • The width of the entrance and exit points for the forklift
  • The number of hours the forklift will be in operation
  • Whether you require any special types of tires for external requirements
A common factor with capital investments is that when you work with a dedicated partner who can help you with your material handling needs, then your ROI automatically increases. At Heavy Lift Forklifts, we don't just sell you a forklift, we assist you throughout your ownership period. Our technicians are highly skilled when it comes to building a forklift, which will be ideal for your business. Even if your business is an unconventional one that has niche expectations of a forklift, we can assure you that we can provide you with the accessories and add-ons to give you the perfect machine for your business. We also have a wide range of forklifts from leading industry manufacturers so you can have the forklifts made from their advanced engineering with our impeccable service to back up your after-purchase requirements. We source our machines from industry leaders enabling us to provide:
  • Toyota Forklifts

  • Mitsubishi Forklifts

  • Crown Forklifts

  • Nissan forklifts

If you're feeling down seeing the new forklift prices, then reach out to Heavy Lift Forklifts today. We can help you with your hunt for a new forklift for sale and provide you with a brand-new forklift that will work flawlessly throughout its entire run. Your operations will benefit from having a new forklift factored in. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to Heavy Lift Forklifts today and buy a new forklift from the best proprietors in all of Victoria.