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Forklift Tyres

  • $130.00

At Heavy Lift Forklifts we believe that tyres are an important revenue stream for our customers, it’s our role to protect, develop and enhance that revenue stream.

Choosing us as your partner ensures that you remain in control of your Forklift Safety.

We fit a choice of premium market leading forklift tyre brands as they offer better value over the life of the tyre.

At Heavy Lift Forklifts we always fit the right tyre for your forklift whether it’s a warehouse truck in constant use or a short term rental.



Heavy Lift Forklifts offers a range of onsite tyre replacement services via both mobile pressing and exchange wheels.

Look no further we can provide long life Forklift Tyres to suit a wide range of units.

Standard black and Non-Marking avaiable.

Price depends on application and Tyre size.